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Humane Society of Bay County
Board Candidates Application

Function of the Board
• Follow the mission, vision and values of HSBC, review annually to
ensure the mission is being followed
• Engage in review and concerns regarding the financial overview of HSBC
• Long term fundraising and resource development
• Approving and monitoring HSBC programs and services
• Enhance HSBC public image

Individual Board Member Responsibilities:
• Promote the HSBC’s mission, policies and needs
• Be a member of HSBC
• Attend monthly board meetings
• Review monthly financial statements
• Follow the bylaws, policies, and board decisions
• Maintain confidentiality about all internal matters of HSBC
• Serve on at least one HSBC committee
• Attend a minimum of 3 events a year, not including Annual Dinner and Gala
• Serve as an advocate for HSBC and identify and secure financial resources
and partnerships necessary for HSBC to advance its mission, by doing at
least one of the following:
o Join other members for a solicitation meeting of prospective
o Sell tickets for special events
o Call existing donors to follow up on mailed appeal
o Secure in kind support for existing budget item
o Host a gathering to increase awareness of HSBC programs
o Send emails for solicitation
o Make a personal gift in addition to membership dues
o Be respectful of fellow board members and volunteers
o Disclose any conflict of interest
o Exhibit professionalism in writing (of all medias) and in needs
o Recruit new members and volunteers

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