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Adopting Your New Best Friend

Congratulations!  You are considering adopting a best friend. Well, you have come to the right place. The Humane Society of Bay County has many wonderful canine and feline companions, we will assist you in choosing the right pet! Best of all, you can also count on HSBC long past the adoption — we are here to help you throughout the life of your pet!  Our adoption fees includes your pets spay/neuter, de-worming and age appropriate vaccines.

Why Adopt?
By adopting from HSBC, you are doing the following:

  1. Bringing into your home the very best, well-cared for pet available!
  2. Taking advantage of the HSBC Adoption Package which includes the following, making it the best value in a new best friend:
    • Sterilization (spaying or neutering)
    • Medical examination
    • Age-appropriate vaccinations
    • De-worming and Flea Treatment (if needed)
  3. Helping to end the pet overpopulation crisis that leaves millions of animals without homes and proper care each year.
  4. By adopting, you are taking a stand against the cruel and inhumane practices of puppy mills and irresponsible breeders whose first consideration is money, not the well-being of the animals “produced.”
  5. You are being socially conscious and cool!


Before You Adopt
An important step in the adoption process is discussing with family members what expectations they have for the new pet, whether they will have the time, patience, energy and financial ability to care for a pet throughout his lifetime.  Be realistic in assigning pet care duties.  Children may have good intentions, but their activities may inadvertently keep them from adhering to the pet’s need for a reliable routine.  Together, research the type of pets you are considering as this will make your adoption experience all the more rewarding.  Remember, too, that HSBC members can discuss any of these issues with you.


The links below can help you learn more about cat and dog behavior, and other helpful resources.                                           


Interested in adopting from the HSBC? View are adoptable animals by clicking the links below. For additional information you can contact our dog and cat foster coordinators at: and, or call 989-893-0451.