Meet Cruz!


 Cruz is The Humane Society of Bay County’s 2024 Dog Mascot!

 We spoke with his mom, Misty, about who Cruz is as a lovable canine and she couldn’t wait to let us know about all the silly things he does!

 First, he was born March 9, 2019, so he will be 5 this year!! The whole family can’t believe time has gone by so fast! When you look at his face, one of the cutest things about Cruz is that he only has one eyebrow!

 According to Misty, “When Cruz was born, he actually stopped breathing and almost died. But the person taking care of the puppies was able to get him to breathe!” Even though his story didn’t start simply, it was a matter of fate that he ended up in their home. You see the family was not looking for another dog, but one of their neighbors had puppies and Misty was asked to help rehome him and his brother.

 It was love at first sight because the second the family met Cruz in person, they knew he was coming home to be the newest addition to their growing family.

 His name was all a matter of coincidence. Misty and her husband were going on their first cruise that year, and the boat was called “Cruiser.” When they got him home, they were in awe of how fast he was, and the family would always joke that he was cruzin. So, it seemed at that point the name Cruz, chose him.

 Cruz loves everyone, and he loves to play! His favorite toy is a glow in the dark CHUCK IT ball. He loves to dismantle squeaky toys, so he doesn’t get those very often, but he does love to fetch.

 Cruz does have some anxiety, so the family keeps him very active by taking him on walks and giving him lots of love and attention. He has a new brother, Tucker, and the two of them keep the family busy and active!

 Cruz is the perfect mascot for HSBC because, not only is he adorable, but he lives with a family that strives to be a Hero for their pets every day.