Board Slate

HSBC Board Slate Applicants:

What is the function of the board?

·         Follow the mission, vision, values of HSBC, review annually to ensure the mission is being followed.

·         Engage in review and concerns regarding the financial overview of HSBC.

·         Long term fundraising and resource development.

·         Approving and monitoring HSBC programs and services.

·         Enhance HSBC public image.





We have 3 board positions that will be open starting Jan. 1, 2021.

The following are the slate applicants and their board application responses:

·         Abby Fauble

·         Katie Loiselle

·         Donna Billow






Why do you want to serve on the Board of HSBC? What are strengths/talents you can offer to assist with the mission of HSBC?

AF: First and foremost, I would like to serve on the board because I am passionate about animal welfare. As a small business owner, I pride myself on my strong communication skills as well as my ability to network. I am level-headed, open minded, and an active participant in discussions. I am attentive and considerate of decisions I make and coming up with solutions to problems. I have an ability to look at things logically and remain unbiased. I am currently finishing my Political Science degree with a minor in Public Administration, and hoping to attend Law School afterwards. I believe this gives me an ability to bring up-to-date, fresh ideas to the table. I have been deeply involved with HSBC for the past year, and I am quickly learning the ins and outs of each program.

KL: I would like to continue to serve on the board of HSBC as we continue to grow and transition from a small home-based, non-profit to a large-scale operation. My strengths include honesty, leadership, professional writing, and interpersonal skills.

DB: I want to serve the community in which I am a part. I have a great deal of experience in working with the public as well as with pets of all kinds. I have a strong appreciation for people and pets.




What would you like to see HSBC accomplish in the next year(s)? How do you see yourself making an impact?

AF: It is important to me to see improved community involvement, streamlined communication with the community, more large-scale fundraising opportunities, improved education opportunities, improved PR, and growing our volunteer base for an increased opportunity to save animals.

KL: I would like to see the HSBC’s dog program flourish and rebuild its reputation as a high-quality adoption program. I would also like to see HSBC extend its educational outreach in the community. I plan to remain involved in organizing these efforts to make an impact.

DB: While helping with the dog program, I would like to see some incredible growth. I want the foster program to increase so that HSBC will intake more dogs in need.




Are you a guardian of a rescue or shelter pet? How many pets share your household?

AF: I have 5 pets. 4 cats that are all rescues, 2 of which I have adopted from HSBC. 1 dog, Lincoln, who I also adopted from HSBC in 2019.

KL: 3 dogs, 5 cats, and a few long-term foster cats.

DB: Currently, none of my pets are rescues. However, all of my previous furry family has been. I have 3 dogs and 2 frogs. Rosie Colton-8yrs-Brittany Spaniel, Custos-7yr-German Shephard, Samwise-6yr-Springer-Brittney mix.




This is a “working” board; will you be able to commit time to attend meetings, events, and committees outline in the job description of a board member?

AF: As communication chair, I currently devote much of my time to assisting and improving HSBC. I also assist with the other programs regularly. I am passionate about this cause.

KL: I will be able to commit time for meetings, events and other duties outlined in the job description.

DB: Yes.




Do you share the vision of a “no kill” community within Bay County?

AF: I do. I believe that low cost spay and neuter and TNR play a very important role in our “No Kill” vision.

KL: Absolutely

DB: I do.




Anything else you would like to share with our membership!

AF: I’m Abby Fauble. A go getter, student, small business owner, and animal advocate. I have 4 rescue cats and a rescue dog. I spend much of my time with HSBC improving animal welfare in Bay County. I am the current char of the Communications Committee where we are currently finishing up the final details on our new website! Some of my other duties include: editing the quarterly newsletter, editing/revision of all forms and public facing material, social media management, public relations, press releases, and more. I am also active in TNR, fundraising, and the Cat/Dog programs. I am quickly learning to know and understand HSBC inside and out.

I am passionate and dedicated to each and every task I undertake. I own my own small business creating beauty products that are showcased in stores around Tri-Cities. Being one of the founding members (Communications Director) of a rapidly growing entrepreneur community; I am experienced with public relations, branding, communications, and have an established reputation with young local entrepreneurs in the MidMichigan area.

KL: I love animals!

DB: My husband and I have recently moved to Bay County. Joshua, my husband, is a disabled Navy Veteran. I have been a dog trainer for 18 years and a store (general manager) with PetSmart for 7 yrs.

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