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Join a committee to learn, to educate the community and find out how you can help animals in Bay County. Join the $100 PAW CLUB

Join a committee to become active in learning and changing animal ordinances in Bay County. For information: info@humanesocietybc.org. Help make Bay County and Michigan a NO-Kill County/State! Click on the image to the right for stats on save rate reports by County.

Learn about Bay City animal ordinances here.
Learn about Bay County animal ordinances here.

Bay County state representatives:

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MI animal welfare Laws


Join and help lobby for legislation to address animal welfare issues in Michigan

For over a century, the Michigan Humane Society has taken a leadership role in affecting legislation to address animal welfare issues in our state.  Join the Michigan Humane Society’s Legislative Action Network and help lobby for legislation to address animal welfare issues in Michigan.  You will receive updates and alerts letting you know when and how you can take action. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals throughout Michigan.