doryNot everyone can foster, but you can sponsor a cat or a dog!

The cost of the HSBC Foster Program far exceeds the adoption fee  which the HS receives for each adopted animal.  To assist the HSBC with the cost of the Foster Program, we are asking you to sponsor a fostered cat or kitten by paying for their vet care, which is approximately $115.

To become a sponsor, just complete the following HSBC Sponsorship Application and send it along with a check ( $115 for a cat and $125 for a dog) to the HSBC.

As a sponsor, you will receive a photo of your sponsored pet on a certificate of appreciation, and you will make a life-saving difference in the life of a special cat or dog . Thank you for considering becoming a HSBC Foster Program Sponsor and making a life-saving difference in the life of a wonderful future pet.

Click Here to download the sponsorship application and mail to: 1607 Marquette Ave, Bay City, MI, 48706

Or, you can complete the application online: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/humanesocietybaycounty