Pet Trust Program

The Pet Trust Program permits people to leave their pet, or pets, in our care if they should become disabled or die. We will give your pet better care than we are able to give pets who come to us without our knowledge of their previous history. Our aim is to save the lives of pets that might otherwise be euthanized when their owners die or that might suffer needlessly without our care and our skill at finding a loving new home for it.

Restrictions: We can take only three pets per person and only cats and dogs. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate. Your wishes for your pet must be made through a will or trust prepared by an attorney.

Cost: We will negotiate a yearly donation to the Humane Society of Bay County that is affordable for you. The first donation will be due at the time of enrollment. For the third pet, we ask that at least $2,500 be included as a donation to us in your will or trust. In other words, that $2,500 will only come to us once you have died. If your pet should pre-decease you, you may leave the program and alter your will or trust in terms of our inheritance. You will not receive a refund of your annual donations.

Contact Us: You can contact us by telephone at
, ask to speak to Sylvia or via email at

 Procedure: Once you have contacted us, one of our volunteers will arrange to visit you. We will ask you many questions about your pet, its likes and dislikes, its routine, its feeding and exercise habits, its medical needs, where and how it likes to sleep, and so on. If you feel that your pets should not be separated, we will ensure that they are adopted together. We will gather as full a portrait of your pet as possible so that we can continue to give it a life that parallels the  one it has enjoyed in your care.

You will complete an enrollment form and will commit to a donation. After that, you may contact us at any time to update information or seek our advice. We are happy to help.

Upon Your Death or Disability: It is a good idea to elect a representative other than your executor or trustee to contact us with the information, someone who is willing to take your pet in the interim before we can take possession of it. When we hear from this representative, we will make arrangements to take your pet and place it, or them, in a foster home. In that home, your pet will receive understanding, love, and care in accordance with the profile we put together when we interviewed you. We will then find your pet a suitable forever home.

We wish you and your pet(s) long life and happiness together!