Feline Foster Parent Application

  • Contact Information

  • Family Information

  • Please list your landlord's name and phone number if you rent:

  • Current Pet Information

  • Current Pet Health Information

  • Current Veterinarian

  • Fostering Experience

  • Foster Preferences

  • References

  • Please provide three references (not related to you) and their phone numbers.

  • Waiver of Liability

  • I will be doing volunteer work for the Humane Society of Bay County, and I do hereby knowingly, freely, and voluntarily waive my right or cause of action of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of such activity from which my liability may or could accrue against the Society or its agents or employees jointly and individually.

    I fully understand the risk of bringing a foster animal into my home and take full responsibility for any damage a foster animal may cause. I do not expect the Humane Society of Bay County to reimburse me for any damages caused by an animal that I choose to foster.

    I fully recognize the possible dangers associated with the work of the Humane Society of Bay County and I freely consent to this waiver. I understand that the Humane Society of Bay County may terminate my services as a foster parent at any time, with or without reason.