Board of Directors

 Humane Society Board of Directors 2017

Jeannine Wolicki-Nichols-President:
I am a founding member of the Humane Society. I have served on and off the board but always connected to the Humane Society. I am a retired teacher, married and have three pets. Watching my children, and now grandchildren interact with their pets, and knowing that the message of compassion for animals is being modeled in their families brings me great happiness.

Kristyn Frost – Vice President
I have been a board member of the HSBC for years always respecting the hard working individuals who were out being a voice for animals. After we adopted our first rescue, I knew I would be someone who rescued animals from here on out!

Stephanie Guerrero-Secretary:
I have been part of the HSBC for 4 years and have been fostering cats for approximately 3. Most of my free time is spent caring for the fosters but I wouldn’t change any minute of that.  Knowing I am making a difference in their lives makes it all worth it.

Kelly Klamer: Treasurer
I moved to Bay City in 2005 from Gladwin. I love this community. After getting my first dog in 2014, I found my passion. Giving a voice to animals has given me a purpose. I am so proud to be apart of such a caring organization.

Katie Loiselle:
 I became involved with the Humane Society of Bay County about two years ago and recently became a board member in 2017. By profession I am a Social Worker, but my heart lies primarily in animal rescue.

Cheryl McKenzie:
I grew up on a dairy farm and have loved cats and cows since I was a baby. I have lived in Bay City since 1989. I have been working at Severance Tool for the last 37 years. I have been fostering cats for the Humane Society of Bay County for 3 years.

 Joe Wozniak:
I am the outdoor cat shelter coordinator and have been volunteering with the humane society for the last 3 years. Currently we have 2 rescue cats, and are happy to have had the opportunities to care for an assortment of cats and dogs in years past – some of which we adopted and others fostered.

Stephanie Beiser:
I have been the dog  foster for the humane society for the last 1 and a half years. 

Sherry Nelson: 


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Board Member Candidates 2018:

Kelly Klamer
Jessica Nearman
Michele Simon
Kati Loiselle
Jean McPhee