$100 PAW Club

Abuse Contacts

$100 PAW Club Members are Animal Advocates!

PAW Club Mission: To protect animals, provide education on animal cruelty issues, and increase awareness of how animal abuse affects our community.

Your $100 PAW Club Membership Provides:

– Rewards to identify perpetrator(s)
– Medical $ to treat victim(s)
– Legal $ to prosecute perpetrator(s)
– Community Education

As a $100 PAW Club Member, you receive:

– Bimonthly newsletters to stay updated on activities
– Listing in quarterly HSBC newsletters and annual event programs
– Annual $100 PAW Club Member Luncheon
– Benefits of our regular membership

Become a $100 PAW Club Member Today!!

It takes a community to save animals. You can help make a difference.

Learn more about the link between animal abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence and other ways to take action.